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Great apes used in commercials and TV shows go through a life of ordeal. Taken from their mothers at birth they are beaten and abused to be trained. Once they reach 10 years of age they become too strong and dangerous to be safely kept on set and therefore discarded in roadside zoos, kept in cages or sold to test labs.


When PETA approached the agency to raise awareness of the mistreatment, we answered creating a fully integrated campaign, and some internal tactics, to spread awareness and make sure no ape would end up in any production.

Watch the case study of THE GREAT APE PLEDGE

Watch the behind the scene of this multifaceted production

The AUTOCORRECT initiative was a proactive collaboration between the creative team and the IT department. By hacking the autocorrect function of Microsoft Word® across all the computers in the BBDO network we made sure no ape would end up in any script, because this is where it all begins when they end up in a TV commercial. Watch the case study.

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